Month: November 2011

TED – Rezero the dancing ballbot

Péter Fankhauser: Meet Rezero, the dancing ballbot You are going to view a presentation from Technology Entertainment Design. Onstage at TEDGlobal, Péter Fankhauser demonstrates Rezero, a robot  that balances on a ball. Designed and built by a group of engineering students, Rezero is the first ballbot  made to move quickly and gracefully — and […]

Can I be your friend?

Can I be your friend? A fun conversation class about using social media   Language level: Intermediate (B1) – Advanced (A1) Learner type: Teens; Adults Time: 30 minutes Activity: Question formation, listening comprehension Language: practical, everyday, colloquial   Intro: How much do you use social medias? Which social medias do you use? What is unusual […]

Exercise – Do you get it? Using the verb “get”

 DO YOU GET IT? The Verb “Get” Some study and MUCH practise is required with this verb. We must first read and understand the different uses and meanings of the verb. This verb is one of the keys to using English like a native speaker. Present : get     Continuous: getting      Past : got      Participle: gotten […]

Exercise – To Do or To Make – That is the question?

To Do or To Make  – That is the question? The two verbs ‘do’ and ‘make’ are often confused. The meanings are similar, but there are differences.   ‘Do’ for Activities Use the verb ‘do’ to express daily activities or jobs. Notice that these are usually activities that produce no physical object.   Use do […]

Travel – 5 tips for visiting China

5 top tips for China first-timers Vocab building: general & travel Skills: picture description and conversation. Reading exercise: using new vocabulary in different contexts Discussion: speaking practice about personal experience and travel. Materials: Text, images and video. Duration: 90 minutes. Link: Intro: What are the 3 different meanings for the word “tip”? What is […]

La Costa Brava – Describing Pictures from National Geographic

Intermediate Speaking and Description class: Vocab building: general, historic and nature. Skills: sentence construction and general description creation. Discussion: speaking practice. Duration: 45 minutes Notes to the Teacher: I try to remove myself from the class generally and especially in an exercise like this. I only try to prompt change or necessary corrections and spent […]

The Battle of Anghiari – A mysterious conversation

The Battle of Anghiari Upper Intermediate + : conversation and comprehension class Vocab building: general, historic and art. Skills: paraphrasing & general context comprehension. Writing exercise: using new vocabulary in different contexts Discussion: speaking practice. Duration: 90 minutes Source: National Geographic (text & Video)   The Battle of Anghiari – The ultimate DaVinci mystery Intro: […]

Murmuration – A conversation about film and nature

Culture  – Film shorts The Startling Science of a Starling Murmuration Definition: Murmuration = a flock of starlings. Pronunciation: (criticality = crit tic cal ity)    Text: Video of a massive starling flock turning and twisting over a river in Ireland has gone viral, and with good reason. Flocking starlings are one of nature’s most […]