Month: December 2011

TED (for doctors) Daniel Kraft / The Marrow Miner English medical vocab and conversational class designed for doctors.   Daniel Kraft invents a better way to harvest bone marrow You are going to view a presentation from  Technology, Entertainment , Design.   Daniel Kraft demos his Marrow Miner — a new device that quickly harvests life-saving bone marrow with minimal pain to […]

Nancy Sinatra – Bang Bang (Past Simple Regular & Irregular practise)

Nancy Sinatra – Bang Bang (A class with the famous song by Nancy Sinatra to practice verbs in the Past Simple) Who was Nancy Sinatra? Can you name any of her songs? What relationship is she to Frank Sinatra Ex 1: While listening to the song put the verbs in brackets into the past simple. […]

The Internet of Things

  The Internet of Things (a class about web 3.0, technology vocab, the changing world, the future tense and unlimited ideas) Intro: What does “ubiquitous” mean? What does “traceable” mean? The raise of Internet and advances in telecommunication and software services led to think the chance of connect every object. One of the first topics […]