Author: Justin Donlon

English Teacher & Content Developer

Sight – A Short Film and Conversation Lesson about modern Technology

Sight is a short film about augmented reality so in honour of such a great topic Multimedia English created a conversation lesson about modern technology. Discuss these general questions with your teacher Sight Intro Questions: What’s your favourite gadget? How many apps do you have on your phone? What’s your favourite one? Are apps really useful? […]

Can you hear me? Are you listening?

“LISTEN y HEAR” = ESCUCHAR Y OÍR:    Listening describes an intentional activity. When you are listening, you are actively trying to hear something.  Hearing is something that happens without any intentional effort.    “LISTEN” se usa cuando alguien tiene que hacer un mayor esfuerzo para prestar atención lo que le están diciendo o oyendo. […]

Goya at CaixaForum

Goya goes to Barcelona   Intro Questions: Do you like Goya? What do you know about him? Would you like to see this exhibition? Why is his work popular? How many meanings of the word draw do you know?   A conservationist inspects the Goya painting El Pelele before it was hung for the CaixaForum […]

The Word “Last”

LAST La palabra “LAST” tiene diferentes significados y usos en ingles:   1.) Como verbo: “LAST” = Durar   Ejemplos: Vemos que “LAST” va al final en frases interrogativas usando “HOW LONG”   Cuanto dura la película? = How long does the movie last? Cuanto duró la reunión? = Cuanto durará la fiesta = Cuanto […]