YouTube: 100 online TV channels

Conversational English Class – Upper Intermediate + Vocab: technology, general, phrasal verbs. Text only. Source: The Guardian (news – technology – youtube) Intro: What are some of the biggest changes to the TV industry in recent years? Read the sub headline and discuss your immediate impression about the business strategy.   YouTube to launch 100 […]

How to hull a strawberry

Cuisine This is a quick 30 minute light class using vocab from the kitchen and multi media materials.   How to hull a strawberry   Intro: Hull is used here as a verb – what do you think it means? Hull is also a city in the UK Do you like strawberries? How often do […]

The Human Slingshot

The Human Slingshot 1. Intro questions: What do you do for fun? Do you like feeling excited, scared, out of control? Do you like theme parks or fun parks or attraction rides? Do you like roller-coasters? Do you like bungee jumping or sky diving? What’s the most daring thing you have ever done? Are you […]

Humour with Larry David – Pig Parking

Humour (Upper Intermediate +, conversation class about humour, slang, colloquial and bad language used). Understanding humour.   Intro: Do you understand humour or comedy in English? Is it weird? Can you think of examples that you like? What type of humour do you like? Name some of your favourite films or TV shows? What do […]

The Club Sandwich

The Club Sandwich with Average Betty Intro: What is a club sandwich? What are the ingredients? Is it the third piece of bread that makes a club sandwich a club sandwich?   1. Vocab Gambling hall or club, the birthplace, the potato chip, toasted bread, to sneak in (past – snuck in ), double decker, […]

How to Peel a Head of Garlic in Less Than 10 Seconds

Cuisine (30 Minute Class) How to Peel a Head of Garlic in Less Than 10 Seconds Intro: Whats the problem with peeling garlic? What´s the best way to peel garlic?   1. Vocab Peel, lets face it, pain in the ass, stuck under your fingernails, cloves, heel of your hand, bowls, shake the Dickens out […]

Cultural identities served with food

Upper Intermediate + (for teachers & students) Conversation class & practice Cuisine Cultural identities served with food on Vimeo Intro: Is food and cuisine an important part of culture? What does Catalan food say about your culture? Use as many adjectives as possible. Do you enjoy tasting other types of food and therefore other cultures? […]