10 Week Multimedia English Courses

Multi Media English currently has two 10 week English courses that use technology to improve learning, studying, listening and speaking. All the classes are fun, dynamic and original.

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How to study and improve you English using technology and the internet

3 devices

In this course we use modern techniques and technologies to enable you to self study and self learn English from your computer or mobile as often as you like. The course is designed to inspire you to “immerse” yourself in the English speaking world and lose the¬†intimidation and frustration with learning to speak a foreign language.

English on Screen – Cinema Vocabulary, History, Analysis and Conversation


English on Screen is a 10 week English course that focuses on one on the main areas of popular culture that everyone enjoys – cinema. We look at the useful and practical language that is heard in films that English speakers use everyday. We study the vocabulary of cinema, cover the history and analyse the best scenes from classic films. The class is designed for conversation and expressing opinion so English learners can practise, learn, study and enjoy English language cinema in a new way.

This multimedia course is for all ages and covers many genres of film but the recommended standard of English is Intermediate.

In each class we watch a few short 2 to 3 minute English language video clips from important English language films and discuss the details of film making within the class. There’s never a shortage of opinion !