New Businesses in New York (Business Vocab and Conversation)

Viewpoint: Why New York City is best for small businesses   Source:   Words & Phrases: to draw ( 3 meanings) vitality a blueprint to access to assess pro-bono to enrol the red tape obstacle to fill out (paperwork) to streamline to oversee to thrive     A recent study commissioned by Citigroup, and […]

Spain and the Blame Game

Spain and the Blame Game     Do you have a deficit with the bank? Do you always comply to the rules or sometimes break them? Do you have any debt on your credit card? Could you help me to shift all my stuff to my new apartment this weekend? Who do you blame […]

Baltasar Garzón: judge on trial

Baltasar Garzón: judge on trial The Guardian What is your understanding of the Garzón case? What do you think about Garzón? Do the Spanish media present him as a hero or a villain? Words & Phrases: Discuss the meaning of the following words: on trial, to allege, wire taps, to ban, to twist, polemic, wilful, […]

New Tech – voice and gesture controlled TV Samsung’s ‘future-proof’ voice-controlled television A “smart” internet-connected television that has the ability to have its hardware upgraded every year has been unveiled by Samsung. Source: Samsung was one of many companies that unveiled new connected TV facilities at CES Q: There is always a lot of unveiling at trade shows. What does unveil […]

Skype / Telephone Classes – Using practical English

Skype / Telephone Classes – Using practical English The student is required to prepare the  class before the start to maximise learning potential. This is usually done by listening to a BBC broadcast or reading an article using everyday useful English. 1. The listening 2. Using new vocabulary in an exercise 3. Discussing the new […]

Business Email Exercise

Below are 2 examples of business emails send to a student in the media sector. The email is designed specifically to your industry or sector and appropriate to your English level.  1. The student must read and understand the email. 2. Read the attached article from an online media. 3. Respond in the standard business […]

Business English with Bloomberg TV

Rosell Says Rajoy Can Manage Spanish Economic Overhaul from Bloomberg TV What is an overhaul? Intro: Dec. 2, 2011 (Bloomberg) — Juan Rosell, chairman of Confederacion Espanola de Organizaciones Empresariales, Spain’s main business group, talks about Prime Minister-elect Mariano Rajoy’s plans to overhaul the Spanish economy. He speaks from Madrid with Owen Thomas on Bloomberg […]